Renew a Holiday Homes permit

Renew a Holiday Homes permit

Permits for Holiday Homes in Dubai are granted for one year and must be renewed before they expire to continue renting them out.

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Required documents

  • Title deed or copy of Sales purchase agreement.
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the developer, if applicable.
  • Signed passport copy or Emirates ID of the landlord.
  • Copy of trade license, If the unit 'landlord' is a company.
  • Emirates ID or passport copy of the authorized signatory.
  • Property Management Letter as per downloadable template.
  • Current Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) bill.
  • Tenancy contract for individual tenants (for tenants only).

Service requirements

  • Holiday Homes are not permitted within hotel and hotel apartment buildings.
  • When completing the online application, enter the DEWA premise number, not the account number.
  • For tenants: the permit issue and expiry dates must match the tenancy contract dates.
  • For operators: the permit issue and expiry dates must match the dates of the Property Management Letter.
  • If the Property Management Letter is signed by an attorney or representative, a formal Power of Attorney document must be attached along with the representative’s passport copy.
  • Additional individual unit documents may be requested if the title deed is for the entire building. Relevant documents include the building completion certificate and landlord NOC, which must reference the total number of managed Holiday Homes units and the individual DEWA account number for each unit.
  • If your Sale & Purchase Agreement (SPA) or tenancy contract does not allow Holiday Homes operation, you will not be eligible to apply for a Holiday Homes permit.
  • If the unit has a new landlord or a change to its DEWA account, it cannot be renewed.
  • The new landlord is responsible for registering the unit through the Holiday Homes Portal as a new unit. The renewed permit start date is immediately effective following the current permit expiration.
  • The Property Management Letter must be updated to reflect the renewed permit validity dates.
  • Existing permits are not automatically renewed and are assessed on a case-by-case basis to reflect any changes in DET's current policies and regulations.
  • By law, updated permits must be displayed in the unit.

Service users
  • Holiday Homes operators
  • Owners
  • Tenants
Service delivery time
1 business day
Service limitations
Home owners can register up to 8 Holiday Homes units only.
Service fee and charges structure

AED 300 per annum per bedroom + AED 10 knowledge fee + AED 10 innovation fee.
Total: AED 320.

Up to AED 1,200 per unit

Payment method
Pay online on the Holiday Homes system
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