Register as a ticket seller (API)

Register as a ticket seller (API)

Ticket sellers wishing to sell tickets for Dubai-based events must be integrated with DET's ticketing system via Application Programming Interface (API). The technical integration allows both systems to communicate via an API in compliance with the regulations.

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Required documents
  • Valid trade licence with relevant activities
  • VAT certificate
  • Copy of Passport and Emirates ID of trade licence holder
Service requirements
As a pre-requisite, the company must possess a:
  • Valid Dubai trade licence with relevant activities
  • Ticketing platform ready to be integrated with eticketing system
  • Technical team to oversee and perform the integration
Service delivery time
May vary from one to six months, depending on the knowledge of the developers and responsiveness of both parties.
Service users
Ticket sellers
Service fees
Subscription fee: AED 10,000
Knowledge fee: AED 10
Innovation fee: AED 10
Total: AED 10,020
Payment method
  • Online payment via eForm
  • Direct Payment:
    • Bank Name: Dubai Islamic Bank
      Account Name: Govt. of Dubai - DTCM
      Account Number: 001520005097601
      IBAN no.: AE430240001520005097601
      Branch: Main Branch
      Swift Code: DUIBAEAD
  • Al Ansari, cash or cheque
    For cheque payment, account name is Al Ansari Exchange

Note: Any deposit in Dubai Islamic Bank or ENBD requires payment confirmation on the related system.

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