Register to operate Holiday Homes

Register on the Holiday Homes system

In order to operate holiday homes, individuals or professional operators need to register their apartments or villa with DET on the Holiday Homes system. Our system provides access to a range of services and facilitates guest check-in and check-out. Apartments and villas must be registered and approved by DET prior to listing.

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Required documents

Registration in HH units:

  • Emirates ID of the property owner or operating tenant(s)
  • Commercial license copy for professional operators
Service requirements

Registration in HH units:

  • For operators: the trade licence listed activity should be Vacation Homes Rental.
  • For owners: the name on the account must match the name on the unit tittle deed.
  • For tenants: the name on the account must match the name on the tenancy contract.
    • If you are a tenant, a maximum of one unit can be registered and you will need prior landlord approval.

Essential information such as trade licence should be updated on an annual basis. There is no renewal fee applicable.

Users who don't have a valid Emirates ID should enter their passport number in the mandatory Emirates ID field after adding 0's to reach a 15-digit combination in total.

Service fee and charges structure
1. Fixed charges for registration
AED 1,500 + AED 10 knowledge fee + AED 10 innovation fee
Total: AED 1,520

2. Charges structure from guest
Tourism Dirham per room per night regardless of number of guests and based on the following category classifications:
a) Deluxe Holiday Home: AED 15/room/night
b) Standard Holiday Home: AED 10/room/night

Service users
  • Holiday Homes operators
  • Owners
  • Tenants
Service Delivery Time
1 Business Day
Service limitations
Home owners can register up to 8 Holiday Homes units only.
Payment method

Payment options for Registration/Registration in Holiday Homes:

  • Online payment
  • Direct Payment
    • Bank Name: Dubai Islamic Bank
      Account Name: Govt. of Dubai - DTCM
      Account Number: 001520005097601
      IBAN no.: AE430240001520005097601
      Branch: Main Branch
      Swift Code: DUIBAEAD
  • Al Ansari, cash or cheque
    For cheque payment, account name is Al Ansari Exchange
  • Note: Any deposit in Dubai Islamic Bank or ENBD requires payment confirmation on the related system.

Payment options for charges taken from guests:

  • Online Payment
  • Payment by direct deposit cheques
  • Bank transfer's into DTCM account.
    Bank name: Emirate's NBD (any branch)
    Account name: DTCM - Tourism Dirham
    IBAN no.: AE450260001012049366501


  • The licensee must ensure that the online tourism Dirham system is updated (i.e. payment confirmation screen is shown)
  • The licensee, if a company or establishment, must always provide the Holiday Home company or establishment commercial license number when making necessary tourism Dirham payments.
  • For long stays or more than 30 consecutive nights, tourism Dirham will be calculated for the first 30 consecutive nights of the check-in only.
  • The licensee must input the tourism Dirham information by 15th of every month; after 15th late fees will apply.

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