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Leisure event sponsorship

Apply for sponsorship for leisure events in Dubai

DTCM offers two types of event sponsorship schemes for leisure events running in Dubai. If your event meets the required criteria, apply now by following these steps.

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Criteria for LESS
The event should be public, ticketed, and it must have a relevant event permit
Document requirements for LESS
Leisure Event Permit, ticket sales projections
Criteria for LESI
The event must attract international visitors, enhance the reputation of and promote Dubai as a destination, engage with the local community, and demonstrate innovation and sustainable practices.
Document requirements for LESI
Event proposal, media plan, UAE company Trade Licence
Service users
Event planners, companies and organisers running events in Dubai only
Processing time
Up to 5 working days
Proposal Request Form
Preview the DTCM leisure event sponsorship form to ensure you have everything you need
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