Amend event details

Amend event permit details

If you wish to update any information for an upcoming event, including managing performers or changing dates or locations, you will need to update your permit online via the ePermit portal.

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Required documents
A no object certificate (NOC) from the venue is required to amend event tickets if there is any change to capacity.
Procedure requirements

To amend event tickets, an email must be sent with the following:

  • Permit number and event code
  • Few examples for which event tickets can be amended, such as
    • Change in event capacity
    • Additional prices or discounts
    • Promo codes

If your requirement is urgent, contact our call centre on 600 55 55 59, then send the email to
Once the event tickets have been amended, an email confirmation will be sent with a report of all the changes.

Procedure users
Event managers including hotels and hotel-linked establishments
Procedure delivery time
Within 24 hours
Procedure delivery time
Note: if the matter is urgent, contact our call centre on 600 55 55 59. Then, an email must be sent to
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